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YES, you read that right!

Let’s bring self-care to the next level!

Let’s allow ourselves the time for adult conversations and joyful connections with grown ups beyond our #autism caregiving.

Unthinkable, isn’t it? 😄

Sometimes I push myself to get out there and I feel like I’m floating between 2 worlds;

my mom/ASD caregiving world at home and the big wide world outside my 4 walls.

Sometimes I dream that I will travel again someday, find an amazing partner, meet the man of my dreams, and do things just for me!

However, every single time “I float,” that transition phase between my worlds hits me really hard. Can you relate?

I’ve thought about this one thing. What would make this much easier…..?


The answer is Special Hearts®️; an amazing and truly affordable dating app, especially designed for adults caring for children (or other loved ones) with exceptional needs,

as well as those with exceptional needs themselves.

What if every single time you ventured out into that outside world, you had someone else waiting for you who throughly understood this life too?

What if you had a #friend, a new #connection, a potential #partner

who just “gets” this life because they know and live a similar life too?

Special Hearts is a new way to meet, date and relate.

Let your extra love and understanding be shared with other adult singles that can relate to your struggles, your sacrifices and your special heart!

There’s a whole wide world out there beyond autism.

Let’s go on that journey too!

Start your next journey with Special Hearts today.

*To sign up please click: https://www.special-hearts.com/ow_static/plugins/skmobileapp/src/index.html

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