Good afternoon everyone,
We are very delighted to announce a new collaboration with the highly reputed,
award-winning* Mightier™️ Program, created to offer greater support and empowerment to our children, emotionally speaking.

Emotional support and regulation, emotional health, or emotional well-being, are more and more critical areas that need to be addressed by parents, teachers, therapists (of every kind), and parenting experts, in today’s world.

Our autistic loved ones especially already live with so much anxiety and stress. They simply face so many unpredictable and unaccepting scenarios which they must constantly navigate in order to survive in this world.

What if there were a way to utilize their unique strengths, abilities and likes, in order to teach them to do more than merely survive, but to actually learn to thrive?

What if there was a fun way – a video game, an app, a learning tool, a learning program, a fun device….which builds upon their preferences for solitary play, alone time, control/predictability, visual learning, logical thinking, and independent learning?

In addition to sensory time, tablet/technology time, and alone time, what if it could incorporate the family and be a fun activity for the whole family too?

What if this innovative gadget could not only help teach crucial life skills but also use gaming technology to its very best advantage, in the best possible way, to further support our loved ones as part of their daily routines?

What if THIS tablet time could be THE time your child becomes more and more “mighty?”

Mightier™️ focuses on teaching the following goals to ALL children via play skills:

1/ Increased mindfulness

2/ Emotional independence & well-being

3/ Improved self-awareness & regulation

4/ Support to de-stress and unwind at key “stressor points” of the day


6/ Support with recognizing and reducing impending #MELTDOWNS, #SENSORYOVERLOAD and #SHUTDOWNS.

7/. Daily scheduled “work” to regulate, recognize negative emotions and impending meltdowns, manage emotions better, identify the need for a break, and, generally cope more effectively.

It sounds like a very tall order, doesn’t it?

However, we must keep in mind that many children have yet to develop coping strategies, emotional regulation skills, and co-regulation skills.

The good news is these are skills and strategies that can be learned as well as taught (and also modeled by us).

All children are also watching us, and they are absorbing information even when we think they are not! They are always learning, regardless of their actual diagnosis.

All children are capable of progress, no matter how slow or insignificant it may appear to be.

Mightier™️understands our children!

They understand neurodiversity, and together we are deeply committed to the cause of emotional support and well-being.

Lastly, MIghtier™️ is a family-orientated company who believes in offering YOU total flexibility to fit your family lifestyle, your desire for parental control and customer care,* in addition to your loved one’s ongoing needs. @autismsupermoms


For further information: https://www.mightier.com/ https:@bemightier:


Additional Notes:

Mightier™️ is co-founded by Dr. Jason Kahn, Ph.D. He combines his expertise in developmental psychology and mental health to create video games that help children build emotional strength and the ability to harness their emotions to overcome behavioral challenges.

Mightier™️ is the proud recipient of the prestigious “Mom’s Choice Award” and also the “National Parenting Product Award.” 🥇🥇

A full-service customer care team is available via phone, live chat, or email, 7 days a week to address any questions or concerns regarding the Mightier Program.

There is also a Mightier Parents Community available via Facebook.

You can listen to Dr. Jason Kahn, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer and co-founder of Mightier™️ over at @bemightier (link in their Instagram bio).

There is a link to an interview on the topic of “Limitations of Children’s Mental Healthcare,” Episode #176 of the “Beautifully Complex” Podcast.

Dr. Kahn’s expertise is in children’s mental health and developmental psychology. He partners with Children’s Hospital in Boston (Department of Psychiatry) and also Harvard Medical School (where he has instructed).

He currently works at Boston Children’s Medical Centre in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

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