“When I think of iron, I immediately think of the cartoon of Popeye the Sailor Man and his rippling muscles and love of spinach!
Foods like dark leafy green vegetables, beans, and red meat are all excellent sources of iron.
My mind also goes to how we have “battled” in my own household with expanding our diets beyond the “blond foods.”
I am such a fan of superior quality, clean health supplements which are family-friendly and especially suitable for kids.
For those of us who cannot eat our recommended daily dose of essential nutrients, supplementation offers judgement-free solutions whilst we progress along our ‘food journeys.’
This is why I am happy to be bringing an iron supplement I recently discovered to your attention today.
KidStar Nutrients is a Canadian company specializing in clean, kid-friendly supplements – ones which contain NO added sugar, unnecessary fillers and other unwanted ingredients.
Their products offer flexibility to suit your own child as you can opt for unflavoured liquid drops (which can be hidden in favourite foods)
as well as tiny sugar-free chewable tablets.
These BioFe™ iron supplements are worry-free and come with zero nasty side-effects such as upset stomach or stained teeth.
Unfortunately, vitamin and mineral deficiencies are very common amongst our autistic loved ones, especially due to very valid reasons as part of their medical diagnoses and complex needs.
According to the WHO, iron is the #1 nutrient deficiency worldwide.
Autism families are oftentimes especially familiar with complex food journeys and struggles.
Many of us face issues such as selective eating, food allergies, food sensitivities and intolerances,
in addition to various sensory processing needs.
Sensory processing differences are underestimated and misunderstood, and they often account for the limited diets seen in many of our autistic loved ones.
All of these factors make a strong case for supplementation.”
To order and try KidStar’s products today please don’t delay and remember to use our code
SUPER15 to save 15% at
If you are in the US you can purchase through or

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