An introduction video by the Chief Operating Officer of KAM Behavoral Academy, Mike Rounds:

KAM Behavioral Academy is a learning centre fiercely committed and passionate in finding and educating tomorrow’s therapists, ready to embrace neurodiversity and positive change; this goes far beyond behavior management technique!

They understand that the methodology and the therapists are the keys to appreciating and respecting the needs and goals of autistic children, autistic adults, and their entire families.

Their work is centred around the concept of supporting autism families and their loved ones so that both dignity and development go hand-in hand; our loved ones are fully accepted and respected for who they are right now.


This is NOT about “turning” an autistic person into a non-autistic person!

This is about human development and more positive outcomes so that any individual develops and learns real life skills and coping strategies.

When they are taught emotional regulation, co-regulation, effective communication techniques etc, a greater sense of independence, improved mental health and self-advocacy skills are more likely to result.

Every human is worthy of a life filled with dignity, joy, peace, purpose and fulfilment.

Every human being deserves to be encouraged, valued, seen, cared for and supported as the people they truly are right now.


Become a part of this mini movement for positive change by training with KAM.

Join OUR village, find your most rewarding career and become a life changer today!


To register for training please go to:


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