Imagine you’re a child diagnosed with ASD at age 3.

You’ve felt trapped by the pain of frequent ear infections and you’ve had trouble getting this across to your loved ones because it took time for them to understand the source of your pain.

Your journey to communicating has been a rough one and you work hard every day in order to thrive in this world. You really are a “Superhero” by your resilience alone.


You want to fit in, you want to be included, but from a sensory perspective, your ears just don’t seem to be made for this world.

You live with constant exhaustion; frequently exasperated, on high alert or near meltdown because sounds and the unpredictability of life literally collide to hurt you.

Ear pain is the worst!

You can’t get across to others that this is an ever-changing situation that you can never be totally prepared for. This “ear journey” is an emotional rollercoaster of epic proportion, and it’s so very emotionally draining.

You don’t have much energy to communicate, so a quick behavioural response must suffice.

Ear health is not guaranteed!

Ear infections, hearing loss, auditory processing disorder. tinnitus, misophonia, Hyperacusis, Ménière’s disease, vestibular migraine , and a range of other conditions affecting one’s hearing and/or one’s sense of balance.

These are all life-affecting conditions that can affect any of us at any stage of life.

Let’s protect those ears with mind-blowing earbud technology from Nuheara.

Here are some of the innovative features that have earned them a space on the prestigious BEST INVENTIONS list by @time magazine:

•Ear ID™️ For Personalization

•Best in Class Sound Fidelity

•Active Noise Cancellation

•World Volume Control

•Boost Conversations

•Directional Focus

•Adjustable Location Pre-Sets

•Convenient Tap Touch Controls…..👏👏👏

Take charge of your ears right now by trusting in the best earbud protection money can buy.

Think of superior help, think of Nuheara.

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