Sometimes you encounter a company that truly cares and leaves a mark. Simple Spectrum Supplement is determined to change the supplement world and put better products on the market! They want to be known as a brand that not only supports families, but educates them as well. Please check out a raw video submitted by parents below. 

The company was created by a functional medicine doctor and a passionate mom and behaviourist. Jacqueline Laurita from the Real Housewives franchise became involved because she saw how much it helped her own son and she loved their mission! Simple Spectrum uses only quality vitamins and minerals in the most bioavailable forms and nothing else- it’s really how all supplements should be! Their mission was to create the kind of nutraceutical supplement they wanted to see available, based upon the latest scientific research and free from the extraneous additives packed into so many similar products on the market. They understand it’s not always realistic to get your child to take multiple products in a day, which is why they created an all-in-one supplement with prebiotic! They are really trying to change the supplement world and its standards by doing things such as third party testing; this isn’t the norm but it definitely should be! They’re also working diligently to get insurance to reimburse (and have been successful in some cases) for their product! They want Insurance companies to understand how important nutrition is as well as possible nutrient deficits. 

Simple Spectrum is the highest quality vitamins and minerals in the best forms (most bioavailable) and nothing else! It fulfils the nutritional needs of the developing nervous system with extra support for individuals with autism by addressing potential dietary deficits (often seen in children with autism due to picky eating habits and sensory issues). Only the highest quality vitamins and minerals are used in the formula- methylated active forms and amino acid chelated from reputable country of origins, rigorously 3rd party tested with the highest bioavailability, and also made in the United States. 

There really isn’t anything like this out on the market at this time other than in clinicians offices, and they end up selling the exact product for triple the cost. They sell to clinicians offices around the world but they end up selling our product for much more; our goal is to go straight to families and really save them the cost! Simple Spectrum was designed with our kids with sensory needs in mind and is an unflavoured dissolvable powder without gluten, casein, nuts, added sugar, soy, binding agents, artificial colours, preservatives, GMOs and dairy. We are all so passionate about this product and getting our kiddos the best possible nutrition! 

I am delighted for Autism Supermoms to be working as an associate/ambassador to present this superior nutritional supplement today, and we stand behind this product in order to best support our ASD and ADHD families. 

In addition, Simple Spectrum Supplement is a company highly committed to going above and beyond for our families.  They stand true to their word by being both at the forefront with their charitable work as well as offering professional educational suggestions via tips on their social media platforms. General knowledge, supporting and empowering caregivers and their families, is a worthy endeavour both Autism Supermoms and Simple Spectrum Supplement proudly share! 

💙Please click on the following link for further information and to order:


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