Meet our incredible sibling duo, Juliana and her autistic brother Michael.

I’ve been following their delightful Instagram page since the beginning of Making Authentic Friendships (MAF), which is an App named after Michael’s own initials.

MAF is the passion project turned business enterprise, founded by Juliana.

In all honesty, few things in life make me feel happier than seeing #autismsiblings paying it forward by putting their lifelong, heartfelt experiences to great use by making a positive difference.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone and we must all share in this happiness too!

And we can!

We can now share in the happiness by supporting them!

MAF offers much more than the fun and frivolity of everyday apps because it’s truly all inspired by Michael and his ongoing exceptional and essential life needs.

It’s specifically designed to change precious lives for the better by giving back much needed hope and happiness by ensuring the gift of meaningful friendships.

When we reflect upon these #pandemic times and how very isolating and restrictive they are, we must remember one huge point…

For many loved ones on the autism spectrum, #depression, #anxiety/#social anxiety, fears/#phobias and #sensoryprocessing differences have been both a longterm barrier to being able to participate in the simple joys that the outside world can offer, long BEFORE the pandemic too.

Don’t be mistaken in thinking these times are easier. They are not!

NONE of this is on their own terms and the world must seem so very much out of their control.

Add factors such as being triggered by family (who are always home), and their own sensitivities behind 4 walls, and the sources of pain may be especially intense.

MAF comes to the rescue by bringing the possibility of making meaningful friendships and connections straight to their fingertips via the privacy of their own comfort zones.

It’s all on their own terms, and, by precisely matching their own likes and areas of interest, a critical turning point has been instantly made!

Please sign up today and give it a whirl! @autismsupermoms 💙


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