HyFiber for Kids for constipation relief and toilet training support

HyFiber for Kids is exactly how it sounds…

It’s a high in fiber medical food designed to eliminate the discomfort and pain of constipation and difficult bowel movements by improving regularity and getting things moving more smoothly.

HyFiber for Kids is an easy-to-use use liquid formula which contains 6g of fiber per tablespoon.*

It has a natural orange favour (with zero acidity) and mixes nicely into water, juice and so much more….

It’s gentle on tummies and is ultrasafe; non-habit forming, not a laxative (it can be used daily), and it’s FREE of sugar, gluten, dairy, egg, peanuts and other nuts.

It also contains a prebiotic (important for gut health, feeds healthy flora in our intestines), keeping our digestive tract healthy.

We all know the importance of giving our body the essential nutrients and support it needs in order to function well,

but did you know that fiber is an important nutrient often neglected?

The American Academy of Pediatrics reports that 4 out of 5 children are simply not getting enough fiber nowadays.

As caregiving ASD families, we may deal with very different realities in terms of learning essential life skills such as eating from all the food groups and using the toilet; these often happen all in their own good time…..

Also, as a mom of 2 autistic children myself, I know how toilet training can be so challenging in terms of putting new routines, goals and expectations into place.

Issues such as sensory processing differences and perceptions come into play too; their sense of awareness in terms of bodily functions and actually feeling pain (such as the pain of constipation and tummy aches) may be different too, and, they may not be able to communicate this to us effectively.

I see HyFiber for Kids as a “tool” that can help with putting new toileting routines in place as well as giving us increased peace of mind and easing our concerns.

It’s now available (via Amazon, U.S.A only) to try in our homes!

For further details and to order:

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